Thomas Mathews Professional Corporation is able to offer fair and reasonable fees to clients.  As a younger lawyer, Thomas understands that reputation is worth much more than money, and is thereby willing to hustle for his clients, whether they hire Thomas through private retainers or are on a legal aid certificate.  Clients can always be assured of their lawyer’s unwavering commitment and loyalty to their cause.

Private Retainers

For private retainers, depending on the matter, Thomas Mathews Professional Corporation can offer fees based on an hourly rate, or on a block fee basis.  As each legal matter is unique and complexity varies, clients must discuss with the lawyer which arrangement is appropriate for the particular matter.

For hourly rate, the retainer will be based on the time dedicated to the legal task at hand.

For a block fee (or flat fee), a certain amount is charged, regardless of the time spent on the matter.  This can provide clients with more certainty with respects to the costs of their particular matter.

Legal Aid

Access to justice is the biggest challenge facing the legal community, and the citizens it serves.  If you are unable to pay for legal services privately, you may be eligible for Legal Aid.  Once you obtain a legal aid certificate from Legal Aid Ontario, please contact the firm and we will be happy to represent you.

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